Also i put some garlic in the raised vegetable garden. You need to plant them in october / half november. I hope they grow this year, get some leaves and go in a winter sleep. after that it needs to start growing in the spring. by the end of august / begin September the plants turns yellow and the garlic plant is dying. Then you know its ready to pull out of the ground. So thumbs up!


  • Use organic galic for the best result, the garlic from the grocery can be sprayed and may or may not germinate.
  • Use the biggest toes for the highest yield.
  • put them twice as deep in the ground as they are long.
  • keep 10cm between them and 30cm between rows.

I put gauze over it. because we have 2 cats, and a lot of neighbor cats. i don’t want them to pull out my garlic!


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