Introducing my Suzuki DR650RS

I bought a Suzuki DR650RS a couple weeks ago. It bought it from a friend of my, he didn’t do anything with it and had another motorcycle that is going to be restored.

I didn’t test drive it and i much say i just bought it. he told me of some issues but i’ll will repair those. not really big issues i say.

  • the oil seal leaks that goes to the cylinder head.
  • the valves needs to be checked, it has a loud noise in the cylinder head.
  • the lighting is poor and when you turn on the turn signals every light is going to blink.
  • the battery is dead.
  • the brake lines needs new fluid.

That said here are some stats:

Year: 06/15/1990

Type: SP42A

640cc single cylinder 4 stroke, air cooled.

34Kw / 46Hp.

weight when ready: 196kg.


and most important some pictures:


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