First time working on my DR

So i have driven my DR for a couple weeks now. not far, but far enough to feel what is wrong and what needs to be done. It drives poor. the fuel/air mixture is off, it has a own will what it will do and a full throttle it floods itself (air or fuel). it is very hard to start what i think is because of the fuel/air mixture and a dead battery.

There are good points also! I love how it sits nice and straight up. I’m small 1.7Meter high and i have no trouble of wind bashing in my face. the springs are great everything on the road got sucked up by it. so far it is a comfortable ride.

I started today stripping it removed the plastics, gas tank, seat and removed the exhaust pipe.

List of what i need to do:

  • Check valves ( )
  • Replace the open air filter to a new original filterbox with new filter. (new)
  • Repair the lighting its very poor!
  • repair the oil seal.
  • Get a new battery.
  • renew the oil and replace the oil filter (new)
  • renew the brake fluid

I cant do it all at once, so i will copy and paste on the next update.

What I’ve done today

i checked the valves today and they where not far off. i did expected worse. the exhaust valves are off and those i have re justed.

I had one problem i couldn’t get the lid off the magneto rotor off. I needed to figure out how i need to turn the crankshaft to the proper top-dead-center mark. i got a kickstart model and this is how i did it:

kick the engine till it is in its compression, then removed the spark plugs, turn it in first gear and slowly moved it forward so the T-mark visible was in the valve timing inspection plug hole. (see pic) after this i checked the valves.

lets start with the engine, old machine:

Remove the 2 valve lids:

Watch out for the rubber seal that are in them, if they are not good any more replace them:

Measure the clearance, try to get the thickness gauge between the valve stem and the adjusting screw, make them thicker till it wont fit anymore then you know what the clearance is.:

Re adjust the valves that are off: I tighten it with the thickness gauge under it and slowly moving it arount untill its hard to move then pull it out and tighten the adjusting screw. if it still gets under it the same way its good. if its to much clearances or it will not fit anymore you need to re adjust again.

Clean the surface of the lid where the rubber seals comes on.:

I wrote down what my tolerance was:

This is what the manual says:


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